Al Qaeda Convicts Released from Prison and Iranian Agitprop Targets American Allies

Gary C. Gambill is a Philadelphia-based policy analyst specializing in the Arab world and the web editor at the Middle East Forum. Formerly editor of Middle East Intelligence Bulletin and Mideast Monitor, Gambill is a regular contributor to Foreign Policy, The National Interest, and The National Post.

A.J. Caschetta is a principal lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he teaches English and Political Science. He holds a Ph.D. from New York University, where he studied the effects of the French Revolution and Reign of Terror on British society. After 9/11, he began focusing on the rhetoric of radical Islamists and on Western academic narratives explaining Islamist terrorism. A.J. is also a Campus Watch and Ginsburg/Ingerman Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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Gregg Roman is an investigative journalist and Director of the Middle East Forum.

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