Global Reactions to Pittsburgh Massacre, Dutch Islamist Threats, and Turkish-Syrian Breakdown

Arsen Ostrovsky is the Executive Director of the Israeli-Jewish Congress and a leading international human rights lawyer, political analyst and commentator, with a focus on Israel and the Middle East. Arsen has testified & spoken in support of Israel before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, United Nations in New York, the European Parliament, the Knesset and various capitals and high-level gatherings in Europe and around the world. He is also considered an expert on the topics of Antisemitism, BDS, digital diplomacy, international law, the United Nations and Middle East foreign policy.

Ronald Sandee is a former senior analyst with Dutch Military Intelligence where he worked on issues regarding the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, as well as organized crime and terrorism with a focus on the al-Qa’ida network in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. In 2013 he began working as a private consultant and a chief global jihad analyst for Kronos Advisory and is currently the Co-founder of Blue Water Intelligence, a research group based in the Netherlands.

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Gregg Roman is an investigative journalist and Director of the Middle East Forum.

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