Trump Overrides Congress on Saudi Arms Sales and Israel Votes…Again?

Aaron David Miller is a distinguished scholar at the Wilson Center and among America’s foremost experts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. policy in the Middle East. Miller is a former adviser to six secretaries of state where he has helped shape America’s policy in the region for more than two decades where he has helped formulate U.S. policy on the Middle East and the Arab-Israel peace process, most recently as the Senior Advisor for Arab-Israeli Negotiations.

Alex Selsky is CEO of the World Israel Beytenu movement, a member of the executive of the World Zionist Organization, and a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel. He is an Adviser to the Israel Victory Project of the Middle East Forum in Israel, and a lecturer at the School of Politics and Journalism at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem. In the past he served as an Advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and was spokesman for the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Gregg Roman is an investigative journalist and Director of the Middle East Forum.

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