Women’s Rights, Honor Violence, and Canadian Political Correctness – Abha Shankar and Raheel Raza

Abha Shankar, Senior Intelligence Analyst at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Before her position at The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Shankar worked as a Development and Publications Coordinator at Women in International Security. Shankar holds a master’s degree in security studies from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. from India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University in International Relations.

Twitter: @abhashankar1

Raheel Raza, Journalist and Author

Raheel Raza is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist, author, anti-racism activist, and interfaith discussion leader who opposes Islamic extremism. An outspoken advocate for gender equality and an activist for women’s rights internationally, she has appeared many times in print, radio and television media to reveal and debate Canadian issues related to media, diversity, gender and immigrants. She is also the first Muslim woman in Canada to lead mixed-gender prayers

Website: www.raheelraza.com/ // Twitter: @Raheelraza

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Gregg Roman is an investigative journalist and Director of the Middle East Forum.

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